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Which Retirement Income Plan Best Fits You?

An interesting article titled “Retiring Right … and picking a plan that fits you” was published in the Sunday Times Insight Section on 17 April 2016. It highlighted the concerns of a greying population and that understanding one’s needs in retirement is important prior to zooming in on suitable options. The article also shared some… Read More »

Using Insurance to Supplement Retirement Funding Needs

I came across an article titled “Growing Your Wealth With Insurance” in the Business Times on 3 March 2016. This article is another timely reminder for us all to ensure that we have given due attention to retirement planning. The topic of retirement planning never goes ‘out of fashion’. Why? Because, at the end of the… Read More »

Key Report Findings of Singaporeans and Retirement Planning

The latest in HSBC’s (2013) series of independent global studies into “The Future of Retirement” highlights the real challenges in planning for and achieving the retirement people want. Of the 15,000 respondents in 15 countries, 1,000 were Singaporeans. Some key report findings of Singaporeans: Most Singaporeans envision to live their golden years filled with family… Read More »

To The Swinging Single – What You Need to Know About Your Financial Planning

A number of my professional single clients are enjoying ‘single-hood’ – either they have not met the right person or they have no plans to get married.  They also know that because there is a high chance of them remaining single throughout life, they have to be financially independent at every stage of their life… Read More »