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Bancassurance – a threat to IFAs?

Last Wednesday 8 April, The Straits Times reported that DBS has successfully sealed a $1,2 billion exclusive regional distribution deal with Manulife for a 15 year period starting 2016 when the current contract with Aviva expires. What is Bancassurance? “The bancassurance model – which involves selling insurance through banks as opposed to the traditional agency… Read More »

How do DPI products match up to what IFAs represent?

What is a DPI? It stands for Direct Purchase Insurance. It is a suite of standardised whole life and term life insurance products offered by 12 insurers in the market. Consumers can choose to get coverage for death, total and permanent disability and/or critical illness (optional).  Premiums of DPI products can be obtained via the… Read More »

Your Insurance Portfolio: Optimized or Obsolete?

Recently, I met up with a university friend who is in her mid 40’s. She was interested to have me review her existing insurance plans. She is single and her main concern is to be financially independent should anything happen to her. The other concern of hers is to be able to provide for her… Read More »