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When choosing a financial planner, most people would ask around for recommendations. Before making a decision, have a chat with the planner to understand the level of services he or she provides and the planner’s commitment to ethical behavior and adherence to high professional standards. Most importantly, look for a financial planner who is client-centric, someone… Read More »

To The Swinging Single – What You Need to Know About Your Financial Planning

A number of my professional single clients are enjoying ‘single-hood’ – either they have not met the right person or they have no plans to get married.  They also know that because there is a high chance of them remaining single throughout life, they have to be financially independent at every stage of their life… Read More »

Your Insurance Portfolio: Optimized or Obsolete?

Recently, I met up with a university friend who is in her mid 40’s. She was interested to have me review her existing insurance plans. She is single and her main concern is to be financially independent should anything happen to her. The other concern of hers is to be able to provide for her… Read More »

Six Steps in the Financial Planning Process

Financial Planning is an essential process that individuals and families must go through at least once every year. It involves a thorough analysis of the present and future monetary needs of the client. The planner must also possess the following attributes: Logical mindset Emotional objectivity Mathematical proficiency Ability to make reasonable projections about the future… Read More »