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Wealth Protection

Most Singaporeans are open to building their wealth, but when it comes to protecting their wealth, some would rather avoid the subject altogether while others have the impression that it is unimportant or that it can be dealt with at a later time.

Wealth protection is not just about protecting yourself but also that of your family and loved ones when you are no longer around to provide for them.

Dependents’ planning is an integral part of financial planning especially for breadwinners and married couples with children. Planning ahead ensures that your loved ones will be able to continue living the same lifestyle without any financial hardship.

Many people fail to recognize that should any unforeseen circumstances happen, all the wealth that they have spent years building could be wiped out in no time.

1. Life Insurance
Life insurance policies typically provide coverage for death, total & permanent disability and critical illnesses. Some even extend to cover for early and intermediate stage critical illnesses.

2. Term Life Insurance
Term plans offer coverage at a lower premium than whole life plans. This is because they do not accumulate cash value and they have an expiry date. Term insurance is meant to provide enhanced coverage during your productive working years.

3. Disability Income
What happens if an accident or illness renders you unable to work for a prolong period of time? Disability income coverage pays you a monthly benefit so that you can recover without a heavy financial burden.

4. Health Insurance
A  critical component in the foundation of your financial planning is a comprehensive hospital and surgical (H&S) plan. A H&S plan reimburses the costs incurred during one’s hospitalization. The most cost efficient way to get hospitalization coverage is to purchase a Shield plan using your Medisave.

5. Long Term Care
Eldershield is a long term care plan offered to all Singaporean and Permanent Resident CPF members aged 40 and above. Policyholders who are unable to perform any 3 of the 6 daily activities (washing, feeding, dressing, toileting, mobility and transferring) will receive a monthly payout.

Wealth Accumulation
Your hard earned savings need to work harder for you. Leaving it idle in a savings account earning negligible interest is not going to help you hedge against inflation. Over here, we advocate a two-prong approach to accumulating your wealth.

One way is through savings, the foundation to building your wealth. The second way is through investments which will help your money grow at a faster rate. Whether you are a high risk taker or otherwise, we would be able to structure a suitable solution for you – one that has the right mix of savings and investments component.

1. Savings
Whether you are intending to save for upgrading to a new home, starting a business or for your own retirement, we have the right savings plan for you to form the foundation of your wealth accumulation process.

2. Investments
Always wanted to invest but do not know how? No idea how to allocate your funds in the different regions of the world and the different sectors? Let us help you make investing easy.

Retirement Planning
Most Singaporeans depend heavily on their CPF monies for retirement. However, with increasing life expectancy, Singaporeans should expect to save up more and withdraw their CPF monies later.

Want to retire at your desired age? Want to be financially free? Taking care of grandchildren? Taking frequent holidays? Pursuing your hobbies? The key is to start planning early so that your retirement can be affordable.

Ways to accumulate your retirement wealth include:

  • Annuities (only vehicle that delivers guaranteed retirement income)
  • Investments (returns are not guaranteed)
    • Unit Trusts (Cash & CPF)
    • Regular Savings Plan (dollar cost averaging)
    • Alternative Investments
    • Stocks
  • Rental income
  • Savings

Children’s Education Planning
As parents, we will always want to give the best to our children. How do we ensure that they can reach their highest potential? Or have their medical bills taken care of if the situation arises? And you need to also ensure that planning for this purpose should not leave you compromising on your retirement goal. With spiraling education costs, the importance of early planning is thus critical to ensuring that your child’s education funding is met in the desired time frame.

Wealth Distribution

Will Writing
Will writing, contrary to popular belief, is not just for the rich and famous or for those who are in their golden years. Writing a Will helps to speed up the disbursement of your estate (assets) to your loved ones. This is to eliminate any disputes that may arise. You get to decide who gets how much of your assets and you can even decide to give part of your estate to your favourite charity!

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