Karen’s Method

Karen’s approach to financial planning can be summed up in 3 vital words:

  1. Simplicity – making it simple to understand
  2. Transparency – expose and share all relevant information
  3. Accuracy – being detailed and precise where it matters

Financial planning is not about buying products or investing. Before recommending any solutions, it is critical to understand the values, goals, objectives, and current financial situation of each client.

Karen takes a broader view and evaluates the various aspects of one’s financial life before drawing up a suitable and achievable financial road map.

In creating a holistic financial program, she is guided by these precepts:

  • Aligning finances with your values, priorities, and goals
  • Proactively managing your risks and creating ‘margin’ in your life
  • Helping you make the most from your resources and opportunities
  • Recognizing life is more than your investments

Karen’s commitment is to be the Adviser for Life for families and individuals.

Many people think of financial planning in terms of being a transaction, a one-off process, purely based on financial figures. Karen does not think that is what constitutes financial planning.

Karen defines an Adviser for Life approach as a comprehensive, ongoing process to managing all areas of your financial life. She takes into consideration your short-term and long-term goals – the need for adequate protection against death, disability and major illness, growing your wealth safely towards your retirement and ultimately, leaving a legacy.

As a client, you can be assured of the following:

CARE: Clients are family. Karen cares about your lifestyle and family goals and partners with you to make them a reality.

CONTINUING: Financial planning is an ongoing process, not a one-time transaction. Karen is here to ensure that your financial plan is robust, yet flexible enough to achieve your needs and desires every step of the way.

COMMITMENT: Karen is there for you when you need help or simply a listening ear. She is committed to be prompt and responsive to your needs.

COMPETENCE: You can count on competent advice backed by expertise in the areas of risk management, wealth accumulation, retirement planning and wealth distribution.

COMPREHENSIVE: The most comprehensive solutions, the best investment ideas and global financial instruments are available to you.

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