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Protecting your financial well-being when it is most needed – in times of sudden and costly calamities, especially to the health of bread-winners and their loved ones.

Why Switching Health Insurer May Not Be Such A Great Idea

Are you considering switching your current Integrated Shield Plan (IP) to another insurer’s? Or know of a friend or family member who is planning to do so? Please do them a favour and tell them to read this blog post before making that move. Let us look at some reasons why people switch to another… Read More »

Downgrade to standard Integrated Shield Plan? Balance benefits and savings first.

With the launch of the standard Integrated Shield Plan (IP) plan come 1 May 2016, Singaporeans will have another affordable option for their healthcare needs. All the 6 health insurers – Aviva, AIA, AXA Life, Great Eastern, Prudential, NTUC Income – will offer this plan that provides coverage on top of Medishield Life (ML). The… Read More »

Using Insurance to Supplement Retirement Funding Needs

I came across an article titled “Growing Your Wealth With Insurance” in the Business Times on 3 March 2016. This article is another timely reminder for us all to ensure that we have given due attention to retirement planning. The topic of retirement planning never goes ‘out of fashion’. Why? Because, at the end of the… Read More »

About Direct Purchase Insurance (DPI)

The much awaited online aggregator called is launched today, 7 April 2015. Consumers can now ‘DIY’ and compare more than 200 life insurance plans from 12 insurers, including a new suite of basic life insurance solutions called Direct Purchase Insurance (DPI). It is the world’s first web aggregator by a regulator, the Monetary Authority… Read More »

New Medisave Withdrawal Limits Will Mean Less Medisave for Integrated Shield Plan

Just when we have gotten more people interested to upgrade their Medishield or lower tier plans, the government announced that new Medisave withdrawal limits will apply for private integrated shield plans. Currently, the Medisave withdrawal limits for integrated shield plan are: $800 per policy, per year, for those aged 65 and below next birthday; $1,000… Read More »

Get Your Act Together – No More Excuses Not to Review Your Insurance Needs

I sat down with a prospect, Ms M, on a Saturday afternoon to educate her on the different types of insurance policies and how they worked. She came to me because she did not have a clear idea of what she is paying for and that she had not done a review for the past… Read More »

Planning For A Child: The Essentials

When it comes to planning for a child, there are 2 main components to consider: Protection Education Planning The insurance needs of children differ from that of adults simply because they are not working to earn an income and hence, have no responsibility towards supporting the family. On the other hand, parents could be thrown… Read More »

Mothers-to-be: What Do Medishield & Your Integrated Shield Plan Cover You & Your Baby For?

I often get these questions from expecting mothers who are concerned about theirs and their babies’ hospital and surgical coverage: What if I have a pregnancy complication? What if my unborn baby is diagnosed with a congenital condition? Will my integrated shield plan pay for these? Can my baby still get medical coverage? 1.  Most… Read More »