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Helpful advice on managing and maximising your Singapore Central Providend Fund (CPF) monies to fund your retirement.

New Medisave Withdrawal Limits Will Mean Less Medisave for Integrated Shield Plan

Just when we have gotten more people interested to upgrade their Medishield or lower tier plans, the government announced that new Medisave withdrawal limits will apply for private integrated shield plans. Currently, the Medisave withdrawal limits for integrated shield plan are: $800 per policy, per year, for those aged 65 and below next birthday; $1,000… Read More »

CPF Highlights from MOH: 5 Changes to CPF Medisave

The Ministry of Health has announced much awaited improvements to Medisave as reported in the Straits Times and Business Times on 13 March 2015. 1. Four more chronic conditions that can be treated using Medisave from 1 June 2015 This would bring the total number of conditions covered by Medisave under the Chronic Disease Management… Read More »

SRS Account To Supplement Your Nest Egg

Retirement funding has been a much discussed topic since the first tranche of CPF recommendations were announced in February 2015. These changes will have an impact on all of us. Instead of having to meet a standard minimum sum at age 55, CPF members (turning 55 in 2016) will soon be able to choose from 3… Read More »

To The Swinging Single – What You Need to Know About Your Financial Planning

A number of my professional single clients are enjoying ‘single-hood’ – either they have not met the right person or they have no plans to get married.  They also know that because there is a high chance of them remaining single throughout life, they have to be financially independent at every stage of their life… Read More »