KW profile pic 3Karen is a graduate from University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. She worked with a global bank for 9 years across Europe and Asia. Since 2005, Karen has been helping professionals and executives protect, build and preserve their wealth.

She is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner – one of the most respected qualification in the financial services. That means quality advice and vital expertise for her clients.

A deep desire of everyone is a wealthy, secure future for ourselves and our families. But only a few achieve that wish – by careful planning, taking advantage of opportunities, managing the risks and most importantly, by taking the right decisions in time. Karen specialises in helping people take those decisions.

From the first day she started in financial planning, Karen’s goal has been to improve and to transform the financial situation of each person she meets. She hopes to enable and to empower each and everyone to make well informed decisions.

Karen saves people from making costly mistakes that would otherwise have a detrimental impact on their financial well being, now and in the future. Being indifferent and not taking an interest to plan for one’s own financial future (and one’s family’s), not understanding what and why one has bought certain products and how they work for them, incorrect perceptions of retirement planning, panicking in times of market volatility etc. are some of the common challenges that people face. Her greatest satisfaction is knowing that she has helped people avert potential financial mistakes by guiding them to make right decisions.

Karen strongly believes that people should take charge of their actions, thus enabling themselves to stay nimble at any stage in their lives.

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